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Promotional photograph of Alex Rosen
Promotional photograph of Alex Rosen


  • 08 September 2021

    Askonas Holt welcomes bass Alex Rosen

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  • Monteverdi - L'incoronazione di Poppea

    Aix-en-Provence Festival
    Jul 2022
    • The Seneca by Alex Rosen brings its grave welcome to this concert of tessitura which is an opera by Monteverdi (who remembers the madrigal). The emission is calm, the declamation stoic, while the hyper-bass is reached with delicacy and lands on the floor of the set, at the moment of agony. He seems to have two tongues in his mouth, one harsh, the other soft. Like his partners, the singer modulates each incise, even each important word. Endowed with their madrigal ornamentation, they become sound images prefiguring, who death, who power, who desire, who ecstasy.

    • Alex Rosen portrays a Seneca full of good words and philosophy, seeking the most faithful resonance with each note. It thus hatches a line of accumulation, joining favourably the process of thought and the “operation” of singing.

    • How serious are those of Alex Rosen in his role as Seneca! A bass in top form, with a voice of sweeping strength and that presented us, along with Ardetti's Nerone, one of the most spectacular duets of the entire night, due to the extreme dedication of both singers.

    • Alex Rosen was a portentous Seneca, with a beautiful deep bass voice.

    • Alex Rosen portrays a remarkable Seneca; the scene of his death is one of the highlights of the work, interspersed with eloquent silences, which end on an extraordinary final note in the ultimate bass.

  • Handel - Ariodante (II Pomo d'Oro)

    Barcelona - Palace of Catalan Music
    Nov 2022
    • Alex Rosen's voice is majestic: broad and forceful, he shone for the strength of his bass in the aria of the first act Voli co' la sua tromba.

    • The young California bass Alex Rosen has a splendid instrument and sings with the ideal expression a thankless role and little drawn theatrically. The aria "Voli colla sua tromba la fama" is brilliant and he knows how to use it with the desired poise and brilliance.

  • Monteverdi - Orfeo

    Barcelona - Gran Teatre del Liceu
    Nov 2022
    • Alex Rosen's Charon was also among the best performances of the evening with a robust, seamless voice, in that deep register that characterizes the gates of Hades.

  • Handel - Alcina

    Philharmonie de Paris, Gran Teatre del Liceu
    Feb 2023
    • Bass Alex Rosen (Melisso) , asserts a solid vocal presence, impressive with its resonant bass.

    • Alex Rosen impresses with his warm, powerful, even beguiling voice, giving Melisso a real interest

    • Alex Rosen brings the velvet of his tone and his exemplary pronunciation to the too short role of Melisso

  • Charpentier - David et Jonathas

    Lorraine, France
    Jan 2024
    • Whether in the abysmal bass of the Shadow of Samuel or in the authority and brilliance of King of the Philistines Achis, Alex Rosen is impeccable with the ideal darkness of the vocal timbre.