• Each year Askonas Holt facilitates hundreds of performances all over the world for individual artists, ensembles and orchestras. We recognise our responsibility to collaborate with our clients and partners to advocate for options which are kinder to our planet and its inhabitants.

    We recognise that the travel requirements of individuals and groups are responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions, and we are constantly striving to find ways to minimise these emissions and conduct new initiatives.

    We are leading conversations and consultations with clients, colleagues, and the promoter community to understand the challenges and opportunities around sustainability across our industry.

    We have partnered with Julie’s Bicycle to build our environmental knowledge, and to measure and reduce the C02 emissions of our work.

    Led by our Sustainability Working Group, we regularly review our performance in this area, and encourage the open exchange of ideas to help us make improvements towards a greener future.

Sustainable Touring

See what we’re doing in our Tours & Projects department to make sustainable touring the norm rather than the exception

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