Founded in 2019, the Askonas Holt Fellowship programme provides bespoke mentorship and financial support for emerging conductors and singers. The scheme aims to bridge the gap between studies and the professional world, guiding artists through the formative stages of their career and helping them develop their talent in a strategic and sustainable way.

Lies Askonas
Sir Simon Rattle
  • Sir Simon Rattle

    "Young artists are faced with countless decisions and a variety of opportunities that can greatly shape the direction of their careers. A trusted mentor who can offer guidance and advice is invaluable."


      “The Conducting Fellowship was a brilliant way to take my first steps in the professional world… meeting and learning from artists at the top of the industry, and having a place to ask questions and seek advice was such a valuable experience”


        "The Lies Askonas fellowship programme was an important step for me as my first support within the opera business. I found people that supported me in every way and gave me the most significant advices on how to manage my career. Being surrounded by experienced people that were there for me at any moment solving my doubts and giving every kind of encouragement was priceless."

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          Conducting Fellows receive ongoing mentorship and advocacy from an experienced artist manager at the company, with a particular focus on repertoire and programming, preparing for competitions, advice on applying for assistant positions and marketing and promotion. There will also be opportunities to observe and assist other conductors on our roster.

          Conducting Fellows will also benefit from a regular programme of workshops and one-to-ones with senior conductors and leading industry professionals across a range of topics, helping them expand their network and practical knowledge of the industry in order to prepare them for the next stage of their career.

          For further information, please contact Henry Lindsay


          Lies Askonas Fellows benefit from the guidance of our Singers department with an emphasis on career development after college. Fellows have the opportunity to work with professionals who provide guidance and mentoring, and are offered targeted financial support to help with coaching sessions, photoshoots, travel expenses for auditions, or artistic projects.

          For further information, please contact Vincent Turp.

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