What We Do

Working in partnership with many of the world’s finest orchestras, ensembles, artists and dance companies, our award-winning team provides strategic guidance and organisation for international tours, projects and productions. We are a bold and open-minded team who love and understand the core nature of touring, and we will be there to guide our partners throughout the entire journey.

Our Approach

We create bespoke, expertly-run and smoothly delivered tours across the globe, and have a wealth of experience in producing multidisciplinary projects. We offer a wide range of services, from financial and contractual support, to detailed travel and freight logistics, and assistance with immigration and tax procedures. We are committed to a more sustainable and responsible world of touring, and to creating deeper touring experiences that create connections between our partners and the local community.

Track Record

Askonas Holt has been breaking new ground for decades, from the Berliner Philharmoniker’s first tour of Asia, the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra's landmark tour in summer 2007 to the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra’s debut tour in 2022.