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Promotional photograph of Alexander Vinogradov
Promotional photograph of Alexander Vinogradov


  • 24 February 2024

    18 Askonas Holt artists to appear at The Metropolitan Opera in 2024/25

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  • Les Huguenots

    La Monnaie, Brussels
    Jun 2022
    • La basse russe Alexander Vinogradov laisse pantois par ses imposants moyens, apportant à son personnage de Marcel non seulement les ressources d’une basse profonde, mais aussi une juste vocalità, …une typologie vocale dont il est l’un des rares (dignes) représentants aujourd’hui. [Translated] The Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov leaves you flabbergasted with his imposing material, bringing to his character of Marcel not only the resources of a deep bass, but also a right vocalità,…a vocal typology of which he is one of the rare (worthy) representatives today.

    • Alexander Vinogradov en Marcel s’inscrit dans la tradition des grandes basses chantantes, attachante, réconfortante dans le timbre, assumant les trilles dans le grave (Grand Trio du dernier acte) et la noblesse de ton dans le Choral. [Translated] Alexander Vinogradov as Marcel joins the ranks of great lyric basses, touching, comforting in his timbre, delivering trills in low register (Grand Trio of the last act) and nobility in the whole Choral.

    • La révélation de la soirée est le Marcel d’Alexander Vinogradov, huguenot austère et inflexible [Translated] The discovery of the evening is Marcel of Alexander Vinogradov, austere and inflexible.

    • En prise de rôle et débuts maison également, Alexander Vinogradov a la profondeur de voix incommensurable de Marcel. Droite, profonde et directe, la basse russe perce avec aisance pour dessiner son rôle avec assise et retenue. [Translated] In his role and house debut, Alexander Vinogradov has the immeasurable depth of voice of Marcel. Straight, deep and direct, the Russian bass easily succeeds to draw his role with poise and restraint.

  • Nabucco

    Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
    Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
    • “…the best complete performance of the evening came from Alexander Vinogradov as Zaccaria. A true basso cantante, he spun gorgeous lines in the prophet’s prayers, singing with real nobility. “

    • “The standout performance of the first act was Alexander Vinogradov as the prophet Zaccaria. He has a huge, deep voice and rich, velvety tone. “

    • “Alexander Vinogradov reveals a highly appealing and secure bass that makes his portrayal of Zaccariaquite exceptional.”

    • “As the High Priest Zaccaria, Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov’s vocal warmth and comforting weight impressed. When he urged the Israelites to stay steadfast and pray to their God, there was real conviction and spiritual certainty in his phrasing and vocal colouring. “