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  • 09 November 2023

    Gergely Madaras debuts with NHK Symphony Orchestra

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  • 29 September 2023

    Gergely Madaras debuts with WDR Symphoniorchester

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  • 20 June 2023

    Gergely Madaras conducts La Monnaie’s The Nose with Nicky Spence in the title role

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  • 07 October 2022

    Gergely Madaras debuts in Japan

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  • 08 March 2022

    Gergely Madaras steps in with Joyce DiDonato : EDEN

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  • 10 February 2022

    Gergely Madaras debuts with the Netherlands Philharmonic

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  • 02 June 2021

    Gergely Madaras celebrates Franck bicentenary in Liège

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  • 25 February 2021

    Gergely Madaras debuts with the Budapest Festival Orchestra

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  • Wagner & Mahler

    Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège
    Sep 2023
    • …sous la baguette inventive et complice de Gergely Madaras, la parade fut parfaite. Un concert d’ouverture de saison est toujours un événement pour un orchestre puisqu’il offre aux musiciens l’occasion de retrouver leur public, mais celui de la saison 2023-2024 restera particulièrement dans les mémoires pour son excellence et sa dimension jubilatoire... et au chef hongrois de rappeler comme il est un conteur extraordinaire, capable de montrer dans chaque thème la perspective d’aventures nouvelles… Dans le premier mouvement, Madaras emmène le public dans une belle construction du récit, tandis que le deuxième lui permet, en étroite symbiose avec ses musiciens, d’affirmer son sens de la danse et sa maîtrise de la polyphonie. …under the inventive and complicit baton of Gergely Madaras, the parade was perfect. A season-opening concert is always an event for an orchestra, as it gives the musicians a chance to reunite with their audience, but the one for the 2023-2024 season will be particularly remembered for its excellence and its jubilant dimension... and for the Hungarian conductor to recall what an extraordinary storyteller he is, capable of showing in each theme the prospect of new adventures... In the first movement, Madaras takes the audience through a beautifully constructed narrative, while the second allows him, in close symbiosis with his musicians, to assert his sense of dance and his mastery of polyphony.

  • Shostakovich 'The Nose'

    Royal Danish Theatre with La Monnaie Orchestra & Choirs
    Jun 2023
    • [Madaras] ha regalato un’esecuzione chiarissima in tutti i suoi dettagli, straordinariamente coesa nella sua complessità, fatta di una affascinante mescolanza di stili, tra tonalità e atonalità, forti dissonanze, canto lirico e motivi popolari slavi. [Madaras] gave a very clear performance in all its details, extraordinarily cohesive in its complexity, made up of a fascinating mix of styles, between tonality and atonality, strong dissonances, lyrical singing and Slavic folk motifs.

    • direction musicale non seulement enlevée et percutante, mais aussi très attentive à la réalisation des moindres détails de Gergely Madaras [...] il est aussi un excellent chef d’opéra[...] il possède, outre la maîtrise de son plateau, et le soutien apporté à chaque voix, une battue très précise doublée d’une précision indéfectible dans la distribution des attaques; et surtout il y a ce sens de la courbe globale de la partition et de la gestion quasi épique de la narration et du temps musical. ...Gergely Madaras' musical direction is not only lively and powerful, but also very attentive to the smallest details [...] he is also an excellent opera conductor [...] In addition to his command of the stage and the support given to each voice, he has a very precise baton coupled with unfailing precision in the distribution of attacks; and above all there is his sense of the overall curve of the score and the almost epic management of narration and musical time.

    • Hij dirigeerde het werk strak met effectieve passie[...] Een waarlijk overtuigende prestatie. He conducted the work tightly with effective passion [...] A truly convincing performance.

  • Sissoko, Moultaka & Adams

    Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France
    May 2023
    • Sous la direction du remarquable Gergely Madaras, les cordes de l'Orchestre de Radio France et le premier violon Nathan Mierdl nous ont offert une interprétation ciselée et vibrante d'une œuvre du minimalisme américain. Under the direction of the remarkable Gergely Madaras, the strings of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and first violin Nathan Mierdl offered us a chiselled and vibrant interpretation of a great work of American minimalism.

  • Bartok & Ligeti

    Orchestre de chambre de Paris
    Mar 2023
    • Dans une pâte prodigue, l'excellent Gergely Madaras, que l'on retrouve avec tant de plaisir [...] Sous cette baguette, tonicité et suavité se conjuguent tout naturellement [...] Un très, très beau concert ! The excellent Gergely Madaras, who we have discovered with great pleasure [...] Under his baton, he creates a natural sweetness of tone [...] A very, very nice concert !

  • Mahler

    City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
    Jan 2023
    • **** Blumine, the idyllic interlude that was omitted from the final four-movement version of his First Symphony, opened the concert, while the symphony itself took up the second half. Madaras’s relaxed, affectionate treatment of the fragment suggested what his fine performance of the symphony later confirmed: that he is a sensitive Mahlerian who does not impose his ideas on the music too prescriptively but allows it to follow its natural trajectory, without ever curbing its ambition or, in the finale, downplaying its spectacular theatrics.

  • Scriabin

    Philharmonia Orchestra
    Jun 2023
    • ***** Gergely Madaras was the impressive, authoritative conductor, keeping a grip on this seething multicoloured ocean of orchestral sound.

  • Sibelius, Dove & Dvořák

    City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Debut
    Dec 2021
    • **** Gergely Madaras did a wonderful job conducting. And in the performances of Sibelius’s Finlandia and Dvorak’s New World Symphony, he turned the orchestra into an entire world.

  • Dvořák & Martinů

    Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège
    Jul 2021
    • Julien-Laferrière and Madaras could hardly be more ideally suited[...] It’s bracing, it’s thoughtful, it’s never less than engaging.

  • Beethoven

    Hallé Orchestra
    Mar 2020
    • **** [It was] conducted with unaffected straightforwardness by young Hungarian conductor Gergely Madaras. He [...] scraped the dust of habit from classical music’s signal masterpiece, and made it glow anew.

    • Madaras’s confident interpretation of this alluring and enduringly popular score was neat and precise, yet never felt underpowered. Setting the tone was the playing of the bold opening movement that felt focused with an ideal tempo and no shortage of intensity generated. One of my most beloved episodes in all Beethoven’s symphonies is the Andante con moto where Madaras paced the movement impeccably, creating a gratifying level of tenderness. As impressive as I have heard for some time, the playing of the Finale delivered a rewarding sense of resolution to this magnificent symphony.

  • Langer, Shostakovich & Dohnanyi

    BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
    Feb 2020
    • **** The conductor Gergely Madaras drew out the details beautifully, then picked up his sculptor’s chisel for the granite architecture of Erno von Dohnanyi’s First Symphony.

    • **** Under Hungarian conductor Gergely Madaras, humour [...] and atmosphere [...] were vying qualities in an effervescent performance.

  • Mahler

    BBC Symphony Orchestra debut
    Dec 2019
    • **** ...Gergely Madaras proved himself full of imagination in his reading, revelling in the piece’s shifting colours and moods.

  • Boesmans

    Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège
    Sep 2019
    • From end to end, Gegerly Madaras, the new head of the OPRL excels at capturing the changing atmospheres and giving the works their energetic dynamism. A superb recording!

  • Handel 'Israel in Egypt'

    Academy of Ancient Music & BBC Singers
    May 2019
    • Madaras successfully drew alert contrasts between Handelian ceremony, narrative impetus, and a rarefied integration of textures for more serious or reflective numbers... Grandeur and breadth were by no means missing from this account [...] but it was the unusually alive aspect of Madaras's re-telling that stood out.

  • Dohnanyi, Kodaly & Borodin

    BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
    Oct 2018
    • ...Madaras drew every ounce of gypsy passion and rustic nuance from Kodaly's Dances of Galánta, a work defined by its infectious rhythmic kicks, characterising wind solos and a blistering sense of Magyar zeal...