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  • Khovanshchina (Mussorgsky)

    Philharmonie de Paris
    Oct 2020
    • Mikhail Petrenko in the first role, who knows how to push on the coarseness of his instrument to interpret an ideally vulgar Khovansky, false leader of men and true wanton who we quickly understand can only run into disaster.

    • The quality of the Mariinsky voices is impressive. Mikhail Petrenko interprets a conspirator Khovansky, filled with disdainful arrogance, but with an impeccable vocal style, notably at the end of the third act, when he shows all of his fragility.

  • Symphony No. 13 (Shostakovich)

    De Doelen, Rotterdam
    Mar 2019
    • Mikhail Petrenko, who made both virulent and poignant passages glow with his energetic and crystal-clear power voice.

      • NRC
      • 22 March 2019
  • Khovanshchina (Mussorgsky)

    Teatro alla Scala
    Mar 2019
    • The excellence of the evening was also due to a large, high-quality cast with Mikhail Petrenko masterly in the role of the arrogant Ivan Khovansky.

    • The vocal cast could move mountains, starting with the stunning Ivan of Mikhail Petrenko, whose singing cuts cleanly through the revolt action.

    • In Act one, Petrenko strutted around the stage with authority, with the air of a man who believes he has the right to command, drinking in the praises and pleas from the people. His singing was authoritative and firm with an open, clean sound, which commanded attention. By Act three, Khovansky is a broken man, and seeks solace in pleasure. Petrenko’s transformation of his character was superbly executed, his drunken groping of the dancers was unambiguously depraved, and the assassins bullet more an act of kindness. It was a powerful performance in which Petrenko brought out the different facets of the character, founded upon his subtle and nuanced phrasing, which highlighted the meaning of the words."