Nicola Benedetti stood in a warmly lit corridor holding her violin in one hand

Benedetti Baroque Orchestra


Formed in December 2020 for Nicola Benedetti’s first album recorded on gut strings, Baroque was released by Decca Classics on 16 July 2021 to critical acclaim. The newly formed ensemble “Benedetti Baroque Orchestra” gathers freelance period-instrument players who collectively join together to create the highest level of collaborative and energised music making, directed by violinist Nicola Benedetti.

In July 2021, Nicola Benedetti and Askonas Holt organised a series of eight intimate concerts of music featured in Baroque, including three of Vivaldi’s Violin Concerti and Geminiani’s Concerto Grosso ‘La Folia’ with the Benedetti Baroque Orchestra, at the beautiful Grand Hall at Battersea Arts Centre. These one-hour concerts were conversational, spontaneous and personal. Nicola and the Benedetti Baroque Orchestra builds on Askonas Holt’s long-standing history of presenting, and these performances marked the first time that Askonas Holt co-presented Nicola in concert.

As part of Nicola Benedetti’s residency at the 2021 Edinburgh International Festival, BBO performed two concerts and in June 2022 the ensemble were reunited for a performance at the Aldeburgh Festival.

Nicola Benedetti:

This music is so deeply invigorating, energy-giving, freeing, grounding and moving. I am so excited to be releasing my first baroque album with this wonderful group of freelance musicians, and to have the opportunity to perform it for people in the hauntingly beautiful setting of Battersea Arts Centre. I have long dreamt of presenting a project which brings together a recording, live performance and our education work and with Baroque we are finally achieving this. Emotionally and psychologically, musicians crave making music together and performing for people, live…


  • Jun 2022 - Jun 2022
    United Kingdom

    Geminiani Concerto Grosso in D minor H.143 ‘La Folia’, Vivaldi Violin Concerto in Eb major RV257, Corelli Concerto Grosso in B-flat major, Op. 6, No. 5, Vivaldi Violin Concerto in B minor RV386, Vivaldi Grosso Mogul in D major RV 208, Tartini ‘Largo-Andante’ from Violin Concerto in A major D96 Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape |

  • Dec 2021 - Dec 2021
    United Kingdom

    Corelli Christmas Concerto, Vivaldi 'Winter' from Four Seasons Battersea Arts Centre, London |

  • Aug 2021
    United Kingdom

    Geminiani Concerto Grosso in D minor H143 ‘La Folia’, Vivaldi Violin Concerto in D major RV 211, Vivaldi Violin Concerto in E flat major RV 257, Vivaldi Violin Concerto in B minor RV 386, Vivaldi Violin Concerto in G minor RV 315, Vivaldi ‘Summer’ from The Four Seasons, Tartini Largo-Andante from Violin Concerto in A major D96, Vivaldi Ciaconna from Concerto in C major for Strings RV 114 Edinburgh Academy Junior School, Edinburgh [EIF] |





    • Geoff Brown stated in The Times: "After a friendly introductory chat we moved on to the Vivaldi violin concertos… each of them delighting us in one way or another, from the stormy conversations of the B minor concerto, RV 386, to the soloist’s birdlike chirpings in E-flat major in RV 257… the audience, happily speckled with children, didn’t seem to mind. In any case, every triumph of Benedetti was matched by the triumphs of her eight specialist colleagues, all experts in performing baroque music with flair and enjoyment while avoiding stylistic extremes."