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  • An interview with Iain Burnside

    Ludlow English Song Day | Ludlow English Song Weekend
    Oct 2022
    • Raising their voices: why the English song festival is nothing about misty-eyed nostalgia An interview with Iain Burnside

  • "Winter Journey" Live Stream Recital Schubert Winterreise

    Wigmore Hall
    Jan 2021
    • Burnside’s playing was exquisite throughout, wonderfully illuminating the details of Wilhelm Müller’s poetry, from the languid drops of melted snow in "Wasserflut" to delicate lilting in ‘Irrlicht’ ("Will-o’-the-wisp") and the driven gallop of the horses in "Die Post" ("The mail coach").

  • "Duet" CD with Lucy Crowe and William Berger

    Feb 2016
    • But to call this CD ‘Duet’ is in one small way misleading: there are three vital artists here, not two. The third is, of course, the pianist Iain Burnside. His lightness of keyboard touch, his expertise in balancing and supporting the voices, and his sheer, audible love for this exquisite repertoire are simply matchless.

      • primephonic
      • 12 May 2016
  • "Musica e Poesia" CD with Rosa Feola

    Opus Arte
    Dec 2015
    • Pianist Iain Burnside is supportive and vivid throughout, especially when suggesting the flitting woodland spirits in Respighi’s Deità silvane.

    • Iain Burnside ripples with cool precision through accompaniments that might have been drawn from Debussy’s Préludes and Feola matches him in the gentle, flickering lights in her voice.